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Grown up in beautiful Cologne with Russian-Ukrainian-German roots, civilian service at the Red Cross as a rescue worker, 1001 part-time jobs during my studies (promoter, pizza driver, security, trade fair, IT...) I started with photography in 2011 in Düsseldorf. After school I wanted to do "something with media" and I couldn't imagine an office job. So I just organized trial shootings with friends and discovered my passion for photography. Later I enrolled in photography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. After my studies I started my own business as a wedding photographer.


I love to travel and, apart from weddings I like to photograph foreign reports on topics that I find exciting. So far, for example, these have been park rangers in Iceland, roofers in Ukraine, refugees in Georgia and a few others.

What fascinates me are the different cultures: a certain behavior is completely normal in one country, completely frowned upon in another. And the hospitality of people in some countries to total strangers. New York and South Africa are next on my list.

My Approach

I love to capture real moments in beautiful pictures. During my photography studies at university my main focus was on documentary photography. I rather stay in the background and let things happen as they would without interfering. 


Of course, during the bridal session I'm all there for you regarding posing. I do a mixture of romantic poses and funny out of the moment pictures. My emphasis lies on that you will have great fun and great pictures.

Bucket List

x Visit Mount Everest Base Camp

x eat ramen in Tokyo

x Enjoy the sunrise on Table Mountain, South Africa

x 200kg deadlift

x drive a lap on a race track

x Powder snowboarding in Whistler, Canada

✓ Road trip throughout the West Coast USA

✓ Travel across Europe

✓ Fly helicopter

✓ Motorbike license

✓ Bachelor in Photography

✓ 20km jogging

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